Version Mini-Update!

Time for a birthday surprise! I've been watching some friends make their way through the game lately, and that inspired me to polish up just a few parts of the game ever-so-slightly, particularly the final boss. It was still possible to jump off a platform and fail the stage while the victory sequence was ongoing, so to prevent any accidents like that from happening, I now cause the remaining hazards in the room to despawn.

Aside from that, I've fleshed out my other game universe with a project I shared about a month ago, Jumble Rumble. Since Moth to the Moon's extra stages are based on that universe, I decided to go back and add some dumb "hints" to those stages, which previously had none at all. These stages weren't meant to have hints in the first place, so these "hints" are there just for amusement.

To be honest, the bugfixes were made a long time ago, but because they are so miniscule and have no impact on actual gameplay, I decided to sit on them instead of annoying all of my followers. Now that they're packaged with other updates, I can finally stop feeling bothered about these tiny imperfections existing in my game!


  • The layout of extra stage 54 has been slightly adjusted to prevent an unintended and easier solution.
  • Some "hints" have been added for all of the extra stages. Since these stages were not meant to have actual hints, these "hints" are not very helpful...
  • The stationary hazards present in the final boss's stage will now disappear after defeating the boss to prevent players from being able to fail the stage during the victory sequence.
  • An issue where the screen incorrectly resizes to a different resolution while using best-fit resolution and toggling VSync has been fixed.
  • An issue where hovering over a conveyor switch with the wand while having a full inventory that caused the reticule to incorrectly indicate an invalid action for the very first frame has been fixed.

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7 days ago

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Cool! So it is your Bday or BDay of a videogame? Anyway, it is a cool time!

It was my own birthday, haha. I'm glad you like it!