Everyone's Here! Moth to the Moon Updated to Version 1.4.1!

Hello, everyone! It's been a while since I last updated this project, but Moth to the Moon is back with another content update! The main feature is, of course, eight brand-new stages for the main scenario. This latest batch of levels showcases the great serpent and the ignorance totem, which were the final two objects that had yet to appear in the main game. In addition, a completely new character and challenge type have been included for the boss encounter on the 40th floor. Finally, every last object in the level editor and character to be introduced in the main story are all together! Beautiful, isn't it?

Aside from the new stages, this update brings along a ton of smaller additions and changes. For the speed demons out there, three more pages have been added to Sue's secret sketchbook and are, as usual, unlockable by setting enough record times in the main scenario's built-in stages. I've also gone and added some additional padding around the game's font to ensure that on-screen text is always legible, as there were a few cases where bits of text could be hard to make out when presented against light-colored objects. The rest of the changes are fairly minor and made to clean up some small issues or inconsistencies that were previously present; for those who are curious, the full list of changes is given below.

There are only ten stages left to go until the main scenario is complete. But wait - the recent updates have each brought a new level select screen with eight stages, which will leave us with two outlier stages after the next content update, right? Don't worry, those final two stages are going to be very special...


  • Another batch of eight floors has been added to the main scenario! There are now 40 playable stages.
  • Three more pages have been added to Sue's secret sketchbook!
  • Additional padding has been added to the game's text for enhanced readability when displayed against anything other than a black background.
  • The dialogue in the game's hidden cinematics has been rewritten.
  • The instructions in Bombin' Bob's boss stage have been rewritten to make the purpose of the X key clearer.
  • Custom levels are now referred to as "custom" instead of "stage" in the bottom-left section of the game interface. Who cares? I do, apparently...
  • A bug that would cause the fourth boss stage to restart instead of end if it was successfully cleared and the Escape key was pressed has been fixed.
  • The Escape key can no longer be used in place of the Z key to proceed when a level has been successfully completed. It's now exclusively used to return to the level select screen when the game is paused or a level has been failed.
  • An oversight that caused the internal count of chisel beaks placed in the level editor not to decrement after removing them or replacing them with another object has been corrected.
  • A few more minor adjustments and bug-fixes have been made.
  • Previously, Moth to the Moon would always resize to 3x resolution upon launch. The game will now check for your computer's display resolution upon launching and automatically resize the game window to the biggest suitable scale resolution (up to 4x). Additionally, the math behind the best-fit fullscreen setting has been cleaned up to correctly accomodate very square-like display resolutions.


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Apr 13, 2021

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