Big Levels! Moth to the Moon Updated to Version 1.4!

Season's greetings, everyone! I've prepared a little gift for all of you good kids out there; I've added some more content to Moth to the Moon and used many of the features added to the level editor with the previous update to create eight more mean puzzles! Aside from the new stages in the main scenario, I've also added an optional hint system that may offer some assistance for those tougher levels. I've also included a few smaller adjustments, such as adding three more pages to Sue's secret sketchbook, changing the format of the custom level file to make it more easily recognizable, and rebalancing the difficulty of the second boss encounter.

The main scenario has been expanded with eight new stages that make use of some new features. Some of the new stages are larger than previous stages have been and take up more than one screen's worth of space! The conveyor blocks and switches, as well as the annoying chisel beak enemy, are all introduced in this new level set and promise to offer some unique types of challenges. The ignorance totem and the great serpent have yet to make an appearance in the main scenario, as I am planning to introduce them later on, but they have been fully functional since the last update and can be played around with in the level editor to your heart's content!

In an attempt to make the game more accessible to players, I've implemented individual hints for every stage in the main scenario. Originally, I was planning on creating a separate tutorial stage, but I felt like there are too many mechanics to try and learn all at once, and it would be simpler for the player to progress through the main scenario as normal with a little bit of assistance along the way. By pressing Z while the game is paused during a stage, a hint will be displayed. The hints generally try to nudge you in the right direction of a solution, but they'll also explain the purpose of items appearing for the first time in the main scenario.


  • Eight additional floors have been added to the main scenario! The total stage count is now up to 32.
  • A hint display mechanic has been added to the game and is compatible with all stages in the main scenario! There is a unique hint written out for each floor of Bloodsiphon Tower. If you're feeling lost and can't figure out stage solutions, the hints may be able to nudge you in the right direction. To display a stage's hint, press the Z key while the game is paused. Hints will be added to all future stages in the main scenario, but there won't be any for potential post-game puzzles.
  • Three new pages have been added to Sue's secret sketchbook!
  • The file extension of the custom level data file has been changed from ini to txt. If you had custom level data from a previous version of the game that you would like to restore, navigate to the location of the file (which can be found with the aid of the game's guide) and change the file extension to txt.
  • For the sake of consistency with my other games, a 4x scale resolution option for the game window has been added and mapped to the F4 key. Best-fit resolution has been remapped to the F5 key.
  • The time limit in Bombin' Bob's boss stage has been extended by an additional 30 seconds.

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Dec 04, 2020

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