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NOTICE: This game is currently in a prototype state. Several features are inaccessible and other aspects of the game may be changed in future iterations if I continue working on this project.

== About the Game ==

Moth to the Moon is a puzzle game with a grid-based movement system. Take on the many pre-built levels in the main scenario or share the codes for your own custom levels with your friends!

Bloodsiphon Tower mysteriously emerged one night in a chaos of fire and lightning! Its eerie appearance gives the illusion of a gargantuan mosquito's proboscis that has drained all of the life from the surrounding forest. However, it's possible that the structure could reach all the way to the moon! Can you help Sue, a young and wingless moth, outwit the tower's traps and find her way to the top?

To aid her in her quest, Sue possesses a magical wand with the power to manipulate space. The jewel at the end of the wand contains a miniature dimension where objects Sue points the wand at are transported to; she can then point the wand at another empty location to return the object elsewhere. Use this fascinating ability to alter the tower and solve its riddles!

== Features ==

  • Seven floors of Bloodsiphon Tower to challenge and conquer!
  • A robust level editor packed with all of the game's features!
  • A save file to allow easy sharing of custom levels!

== Controls ==

-- General Controls --
  • F1, F2, F3 keys: Adjust window size between 1x, 2x, or 3x resolution
  • F4 key: Adjust window size to best-fit resolution
-- Menu Controls --
  • Arrow keys: Navigate menu options
  • Z key / Y key / W key: Select the current menu option
  • X key: Return to the previous menu
-- Game Controls --
  • Arrow keys: Move Sue or the wand targeting reticule
  • Z key / Y key / W key: Wield or activate the wand
  • X key: Cancel wielding the wand or reset a level (while paused)
  • Enter key: Pause the game
  • Escape key: Return to the level selection screen (while paused or in level preview) 

== Development Status ==

Current version: 1.0.1 (Bugfix patch)

This is an early prototype for a project I have been working on. As such, it's relatively short, and many features are missing, including audio, the options menu, and the extras menu. There is also only one visual theme and size for levels, which is why those options do nothing yet on the level editor. A lot of functional game objects are ready for use in the level editor but do not appear in the levels I got ready for this demo, so be sure to check the editor out, too! I would especially like to hear feedback about whether or not the gameplay is enjoyable to you and whether or not you would like to see this project continued. Please share any opinions or commentary you may have in the comments section!


Moth to the Moon.zip (Windows) 2 MB

Development log


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Looks really promising! I love the sprites you did for this. You have a very cute art style. The level editor is also a very cool addition to a game like this, since I could see many applications for the mechanics that you've already implemented. Keep up the great work. :)

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you like the spritework and level editor. I'll try to add some more stuff to the editor and get more creative with level design in future updates.


this is a really novel idea for a puzzle game! i'm seeing loads of potential applications already with the systems you have here. off the bat, i'd say a reset button would be nice, since you can pretty easily screw yourself over. also, is there a way to turn without moving?


Hey, thanks for trying this out!

While you have the wand pulled out, you can choose which direction you want to face and use it in. I ended up making a few quality-of-life changes already, so in the next version, you'll be able to press X to reset the current level while paused.