Venombloom Valley! Dark Space Updated to Version 1.2!

Greetings! I am happy to announce that Dark Space is receiving a content update! This update adds Venombloom Valley, the second section appearing in Mhollohm's level, which contains several brand-new visuals, enemies, and a miniboss guarding the end of the area. For now, this level can only be experienced on Easy difficulty; the final section of the level, as well as a Hard-difficulty version, will hopefully be arriving soon in a future update. A few other general modifications have been made to improve the experience; the Escape key now returns you to the title screen instead of terminating the game, and an option to continue playing from the current level section after wiping out has been added. Enjoy!

== Version 1.2 Changes ==

  • The first half of Mhollohm's level on Easy difficulty has been created. The level itself is still missing its final section, and the level is still empty on Hard difficulty. The full experience of this level is coming eventually!
  • The Escape key command has been reworked to return you to the main menu when the game is paused instead of terminating the game entirely.
  • You may now continue from the beginning of the current sublevel in the event of a game-over; continuing restores the orbitals and essence you had at the beginning of the sublevel, recovers all of your missing health, and zeroes your score. If you opt not to continue, you will return to the main menu as usual.
  • The missing illustration from the third Extras menu bonus has been added.


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Aug 25, 2017

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