Dark Space Updated to Version 2.4!

Greetings, everyone! I just couldn't seem to stop myself from working on Dark Space since the last update; Jifuzylles's level can now be played on Hard difficulty, and the Easy difficulty version of the level has been significantly modified in accordance with feedback I received. In addition, a new bonus challenge for the fight with Jifuzylles has been added, and of course, there will be a little something special as a reward.

The HP of the miniboss in Phrostere's level, Hate Face, has also been reduced by a small number to make up for the fact that it is occasionally invulnerable, and two enemy projectiles have been given new sprites that are distinct from Schkitaska's weapons.

Now that the first three levels are totally finished, the next update will bring entirely new content. I've been working for more than what is probably healthy on finishing this current content as fast as I could, so now I will take a break from development (for real, this time) and brainstorm for what will be included in the future. Enjoy!

EDIT: You may have noticed that the HTML5 version of Dark Space has been removed. I finally chose to do this because a lot of recent content has been incompatible with the HTML5 format, and the buggy browser experience did more harm than good in representing the game.


  • Jifuzylles's level is now fully playable on Hard difficulty!
  • The Extras menu has one additional bonus challenge for you!
  • Several adjustments have been made to the Jifuzylles level and boss fight in order to make them more manageable.
  • (Hard difficulty) Hate Face, the miniboss of Phrostere's level, now has slightly less HP.
  • The projectiles used by the spinning star enemies in Jifuzylles's level now have an original sprite that should blend in less with Schkitaska's Exibe projectiles and the level background.
  • The projectiles used by the shrimp enemies in Phrostere's level also now have a distinct sprite that should blend in less with Schkitaska's Azero projectiles.
  • The Jifrelles illustration from the Extras menu bonus screen has been altered.


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Feb 20, 2018
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Feb 20, 2018

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