Stage Skip! Version 4.1.1 Mini-Update!

Just stopping by for a quick update that's been requested by a few of my friends! The fifth stage that appears when the first four are completed in a single run presents a notable spike in difficulty, and some players have found themselves unable or unwilling to sit down and practice the game's finale in order to get through it in one sitting; this small update adds in a new menu option that allows you to begin a new run right before this dastardly fifth stage, as long as you've previously reached it!

In addition, because extremely rare, extremely minor inconsistencies bother me so much, I also made tiny corrections to the game guide and to one of the final boss's attack patterns if you manage to defeat the boss during it. Hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

The music tracks are still underway, so look forward to a future update adding in some more tunes to listen to!


  • A new option allowing the player to skip directly to Stratikkos's stage when beginning a new gameplay attempt has been added to the difficulty selection menu! Because I'm so nice, you'll even receive a significant sum of essence (depending on the selected difficulty mode) that will allow you to stock up on items at the essence store before tackling the stage if you choose to use this feature. This option is, of course, initially locked until you have legitimately reached Stratikkos's stage in a previous attempt.
  • An erroneous listing in the text guide claiming that the health bar extension item only costs 150 essence instead of its true cost of 200 essence has been corrected.
  • A minor inconsistency with one of the final boss's projectiles not vanishing on the spot as normal after the killing blow is dealt has been rectified.

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14 days ago

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