Deep Space! Dark Space Updated to Version 2.2!

Greetings! It's about time Dark Space received an update. This time, you'll be able to get a sample of Jifuzylles's level and fly through the Deep Space, encountering new backgrounds, enemies, and a miniboss along the way. This level can only be played on Easy difficulty at the moment; I will be focusing on fully finishing off the Easy-difficulty version of the level, then I will begin assembling the Hard-difficulty version for the most dedicated of Dark Space-ians out there. Aside from this brand-new level, a new tutorial level set in the Dark Space has been added for beginning players who would like to be taught the core gameplay mechanics. Speaking of the Dark Space, the visuals for all those level sections have been updated in order to bring their level of fanciness closer to that of the other backgrounds. Enjoy the new content!

This update also focuses on compatibility with QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layouts and removal of some nasty, but obscure errors. The Y and W keys can be used in place of the Z key, and the Q key can be used in place of the A key. Issues with Dark Space running slowly on certain Windows computers with specially-configured power-saving modes and a rare game crash after fighting Mhollohm's level have finally been conquered. I'm pretty proud of that!


  • The first two sections of Jifuzylles's level have been created for Easy difficulty. The level itself is still missing its final section, and there is not yet a Hard-difficulty version of the level. The full experience of this level is coming eventually!
  • A new tutorial level is available! The difficulty selection menu has been expanded to include it.
  • Alternate control schemes for QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards! The Y key and W key can now be used in place of the Z key. The Q key can now be used in place of the A key.
  • To my knowledge, Dark Space should now run at a consistent 60 FPS across all Windows computers. This issue was due to some energy-efficient computers not recognizing Dark Space as a "busy-enough" process to warrant full processor usage, resulting in Dark Space not getting the required amount of processor attention.
  • The game will no longer occasionally crash after fighting Mhollohm. It took me forever to identify the problem, but this was due to Mhollohm's usage of an array, which does not seem to be an entirely stable data type in GameMaker Studio 1.
  • Three new options related to the visibility of the background layers have been added to the Options menu.
  • Jifrelles now has a few additional lines of dialogue based on the level you are about to begin.
  • The visuals of the Dark Space subareas have been updated.
  • The pause screen now displays the difficulty mode you are playing on... You know, in case you forgot?!
  • A previous stealth update tuned a few aspects of game balance, including increasing the spawn rate of heal drops. Maybe you noticed?

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Jan 19, 2018
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Jan 19, 2018

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