Jifuzylles! Dark Space Updated to Version 2.3!


Aside from finishing off the Easy-difficulty version of Jifuzylles's level by adding a final section and a boss fight, this is a fairly small update. Prepare for your confrontation with Jifuzylles, the meanest Dark Space Scourge yet, and test your might against its magical capabilities! A few small balance changes, most notably involving the new miniboss, have been made to further improve on the gameplay. A particular quirk with the Exibe + Ujafu orbital combination has been adjusted because I suspected it to be the cause of some rare instability issues.

I have noticed that several enemies in Jifuzylles's level don't seem to be very compatible with the HTML5 version; I would like to be able to fix these issues, but I honestly cannot identify the causes. I'm considering removing this buggy HTML5 version and looking into porting to Mac in the future. Anyway, my life is beginning to get busy once again, so I just wanted to polish off the new content and put out a new version as fast as I could for everyone to enjoy. Have fun!


  • Jifuzylles's level is now fully playable on Easy difficulty! Stay tuned for a Hard-difficulty update sometime in the future...
  • The miniboss in Jifuzylles's level is now less dangerous.
  • The Exibe + Ujafu orbital combination's projectiles no longer revert to rightward movement if they lose their target before making contact.
  • Jifrelles has a new item on display in the essence store, but it doesn't seem to be for sale... What could it be?


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Feb 09, 2018

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