HTML5 Update! Dark Space Updated to Version 1.1!

Greetings! I have been working on improving Dark Space and adding more content. While this update does add some new content, not all of it has been finished  (I'm working on it, I promise!). The primary purpose of this update is to add a HTML5 version of Dark Space that can be played in most web browsers; now even more people can enjoy Dark Space! There are a few very minor differences between the HTML5 and Windows versions, but they are nothing significant.

== Version 1.1 Changes==

  • Dark Space now supports HTML5! Play Dark Space on your favorite browser with no necessary downloads!
  • Dark Space now supports automatic saving and loading! The game will automatically load when launched and automatically save at the main menu. Be aware that the HTML5 version and the downloadable Windows version do NOT share the same save file.
  • Jifrelles and the shopping system have been added to the game. The shop is accessed before the beginning of any level and takes essence as currency.
  • You may now select Mhollohm's level. This level is unfinished; you may play through its Dark Space section on Easy difficulty, and the level is completely empty on Hard difficulty. Feel free to explore the currently-existing content, though!
  • The Extras menu now contains some secret bonuses... Perhaps Rhossixia will offer you some advice?


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Aug 03, 2017

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