Dark Space Updated to Version 1.0.1!

Greetings! My hardworking playtesters have given their feedback on Dark Space. It appears that the Easy-difficulty version of Phrostere's level is proving to be a little too tough, so this version update adds health drops (pictured in the above animation) from regular enemies and increases the number of hits Schkitaska can take before dropping orbitals on Easy difficulty. These changes will hopefully make the gameplay more manageable for the average player.

== Version 1.0.1 Changes ==

  • Mhollohm has received a redesign.
  • (Easy difficulty only) When two orbitals are held, Schkitaska can now take up to three hits before dropping the oldest orbital.
  • Enemies now regularly drop health restoration items if Schkitaska is not at full health. These items appear much less frequently on Hard difficulty.
  • Essence and orbitals now have their proper hitboxes.


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Jun 19, 2017

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