Big Content Update! Dark Space Updated to Version 2.0!

Happy Halloween! Dark Space is getting quite a large update just before the spookiest night of the year; what better way to celebrate than to infiltrate a creepy, waterlogged cavern with everyone's favorite twin-tailed space scorpion and hunt down the long-legged Mhollohm? The Easy-difficulty version of the second level of the game is finally fully complete (for the hardcore gamers out there: the Hard-difficulty version is still absent, but it should be on its way soon now that all of the necessary level assets have been created)!

This update also introduces a fifth orbital friend, Ujafu, to the game; this destructive orbital grants Schkitaska the power of explosions and adds six brand-new weapon possibilities to the mix. To further improve the orbital system, the pseudorandom nature of orbital drops has been altered to ensure that all orbital types will spawn in a row, preventing that one orbital you don't want from appearing constantly and guaranteeing that you will quickly get the orbital type you're looking for.

Many other minor improvements and balance changes have been made to the game. You can read about some of these changes in the notes below.

Have a wonderful Halloween night, and try not to upset the Dark Space Scourges!


  • Mhollohm's level is now fully playable on Easy difficulty! A Hard-difficulty version of the level will be coming soon.
  • An all-new orbital type has come to Schkitaska's aid! The Ujafu orbital will grant Schkitaska explosive power and can be combined with other orbitals to form powerful weapons.
  • In order to reduce the unpredictable nature of the orbital drop system, each potential orbital type is now guaranteed to spawn once before any individual type spawns again. Orbitals that would result in a redundant weapon combination are still prevented from spawning.
  • The damage outputs of the Azero + Inomi and Otuga + Inomi orbital combinations have been reduced. They were overpowered, and you know it!
  • A very rare glitch causing the Azero + Exibe orbital combination's projectiles to get stuck inside walls when spawned from a pixel-perfect position has been fixed.
  • A somewhat less rare glitch causing the Otuga + Exibe orbital combination's projectiles to despawn on precise collisions with wall corners has been fixed.
  • Other various aspects of the game have been modified and improved.

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Oct 30, 2017
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Oct 30, 2017

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